Pedestrian vs. Car Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

There are a large number of dangerous pedestrian accidents in the area, many of which result in serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, in many cases children or the elderly are the victims in these accidents. If the victim survives the accident, they often have very severe injuries and may take many months to recover. Often the innocent victim is thrown into the roadway and subsequently run over by a speeding vehicle, causing crushed limbs and internal organ damage. Traumatic brain injuries are also common.

In any pedestrian accident it is vital to contact a car accident lawyer to assist in the process of seeking compensation. The medical costs can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in many cases, as extensive medical intervention must take place in order to try to keep the victim alive and get them back into a condition of good health. Sadly, in many cases the injured victim will never enjoy the quality of life they had prior to the accident, and the losses to their life and future must be addressed in a civil claim against the liable party.

Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Many drivers rush through intersections at a speed that is extremely dangerous, especially to pedestrians that are walking in the area. One may consider that if there is a crosswalk that they are safe to cross; this is not necessarily true, as even with traffic lights, stop signs, well marked crosswalks and laws, there are negligent drivers who consider that they have the right of way and are in a hurry, or not paying attention, or in some cases, drunk. The innocent pedestrian steps off the curb without knowing that a negligent, speeding or drunk driver is in the area and the result can be a devastating injury accident.

In such cases, the legal process involving seeking compensation for damages should begin early after the injury accident. Although this may be difficult to consider when a loved one is seriously injured, it is important to carefully and fully document all aspects of the case as early as possible, including witness statements, police reports, medical records and others. When a large claim or lawsuit is filed it is very helpful to have all documentation of the incident so that the process moves smoothly through the system and the settlement can get paid without difficulty. A full analysis of the current and future medical costs, loss of quality of life, as well as any other financial losses and other damages must be included in the claim.

We want our injured loved one to have the finest medical care and treatment and have access to newer treatments as they are released. Having the finances available is necessary, particularly when another person was responsible for the injury. Our legal team is prepared to fight to recover maximum compensation in pedestrian injury accident cases. Contact a  pedestrian accident lawyer from our firm for effective legal counsel in pedestrian injury cases.



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