Back & Neck Injuries

Back & Neck Injuries

Car Accident Cases

One of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents are back and neck injuries. When a car is rear-ended, side-swiped or involved in a head-on collision, the driver and passengers are thrown forward or back suddenly and with extreme force. The impact often causes serious bruising, tendon damage, and muscle damage. The spine can be twisted and jolted to such a degree that the victim can suffer serious damage to the vertebrae and disks, sometimes permanent. These injuries are very painful and often require long term rehabilitation.

The victim could be unable to work, or even function normally in life for an extended period of time. As in all back and neck injuries, it can be difficult to predict how long any injured person will take to recover, and some recover more quickly than others. Each case must be evaluated individually to determine how to proceed with a claim for compensation. All medical bills, lost wages, future wage loss and rehabilitation must be included in the claim filed to seek compensation in the form of a settlement.

Whiplash, Neck Injuries and Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries create terrible difficulty in doing even the most common tasks, and many injured individuals can do little other than lie down for a period of time while trying to recover. Sitting, standing, turning the head and other normal motions are often impossible, and the victim will be unable to work for a period of time. Some serious cases will require surgery to attempt to correct a serious back injury. Any such case demands the assistance of a car accident attorney from our firm to assist in resolving the legal matters surrounding a car accident in which a back or neck injury took place.

Even a minor accident can cause serious injuries, and whiplash is no small matter. This is a serious injury and can take many months to resolve. The injured victim often needs extensive rehabilitation to try to resolve the painful condition. Our legal team will seek the maximum possible compensation for damages in car accident injury cases and can protect you from insurance company efforts to reduce your claim amount. Contact a car accident attorney if you have suffered back or neck injuries after a car accident.



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